After DNA and fingerprints, the most unique thing about a person is probably his definition of god. However, unlike DNA/Fingerprint the definition of god keeps changing as a person grows older. His friends and family, his personal life experiences, the books he read, the TV shows and movies he watches, makes an impact and changes his perception towards life, nature and god. 

So please allow me to share my journey with god. 

I was born as an atheist and had no belief in god although my parents are very religious. My father is a true devotee of Lord Shiva and my mother is of Lord Vishnu. I had no belief in god, karma, reincarnations, etc.

Fortunately, I had witnessed two miracles in my life which deeply changed my perception towards everything. Especially after the second miracle, I started believing in karma, reincarnation, higher consciousness. I will write about those miracles in my next post. 

Then once my daughter turned around 8 years old in 2020, she had developed deep interest and gratitude for Hanuman ji and stories of Lord Rama. By just watching a few episodes of TV series sankat mochan mahabali hanuman with her, I too started having deep gratitude for Hanumanji and Lord Rama. 

Coming back to the original topic on the definition of god, my god is still not Hanumanji or Lord Rama. 

Although I firmly believe now that they were very real, but how can I be 100% sure ? For most of my life I was 100% sure that they were not real. Most of the persons of other religions are also 100% sure that Hindu gods never existed. 

So how do you know what is true and what is illusory ?  

It doesn’t matter. What matters most is to follow your instincts and have some gratitude towards your definition of god. 

We are created by our parents, they are created by their parents and so on. The entire life on earth is created by mother earth itself. Earth is created by the Sun. The Sun is created by the  random gas and dust particles from the galaxy. Galaxies do exist because of Black holes. Galaxies are created and rotated around something bigger than galaxies itself. 

This all the creation could either be a great design by a higher consciousness or a complete act of randomness. 

So for me god is an answer of –

The answer of why we have all this creation and laws of nature. The answer of why the entire universe is not an empty place. The answer of why any physical matter, life, energies, etc exists in the dimensions of time and space. 

There has to be some answer which probably no one knows. That answer is my God which is very real but unknown. 

What’s your definition of god ? Would love to hear in the comments section.