If you are here to read this post, it means you are already smart enough to outdo your phone with your willingness. Yes, you can do it! Read on to find more about the challenge.

Now the most important question – how many hours do you spend on an average on your phone daily? Is all of that really necessary or just to kill boredom and drown the moments you get to yourself in some nonsensical browsing? And then there is FOMO too, to remain updated with all that’s going on in the world, be it your city or in Kenya. How else can the world run smoothly if not for those thought waves that you send out to the universe?

Then comes social media, ruling the present times and minds, young or old alike. How can you miss out on what’s going on in others lives, or atleast what they flaunt to be going on in their perfect dreamlike lives? How can you miss the celeb-like photos at lucrative destinations of your friends, otherwise how to get ideas about what to add in your wishlist for the next year.

Of course, it’s all essential for the very survival and further evolution of mankind,  don’t you agree?

However, the sad part is all of it comes with a heavy price though! The number of hours in a day still remains clocked at 24, which means if you are spending a substantial amount of time on your phone, it leaves you with little to accomplish the other productive things on your plate. Simple arithmetic! When this continues for a good number of days, it becomes a habit or rather an addiction with significant side effects like the irresistible urge for instant gratification, procrastination and reduced will power. See how smart your phone is!

The wicked part is it happens gradually without our knowing. Just like a cunning conman stealing our wealth, the smartphone steals our precious time and energy. All the while we living in denial that we have become addicts already.

Take my case for instance, no social media except Whatsapp which I use rarely if necessary, or just to respond when someone pings me. Not an avid news reader either, I visit Google news only when there’s something urgent needing precautionary attention like a cyclone on its way. Yet, I was alarmed to see my phone usage at 4.5 hours 2 days back, most part of it spent on browsing knowledgeable sites or YouTube videos on spirituality and os.me. What good is it if all that theoretical knowledge from the screen leaves me with an exhausted body, cluttered mind and little energy to meditate or study or do something creative? Hence, I thought it’s high time to reclaim control and do what I really want to do.

Being a lucky child born in an era when smartphones had not been conceived even in the minds of the inventors and landlines were a luxury, I am perfectly aware that life can go on just fine without a phone in your hand all the time. My mom used to write letters to my grandparents and I would excitedly put in a few sentences therein when I learnt to write in my mother tongue. We didn’t even have a landline, the first phone( Nokia 1600) landed in our house in the year 2006 because my brother and I were supposed to move to hostels in a few months and telephonic communication was a necessity.

If you don’t trust me kids, then please check with your parents and grandparents for some interesting anecdotes of the olden times.

In those days, parents could feed their little ones without showing them videos on smartphones and you know what? People could attend Nature’s call without carrying their smartphones into the loo! Yes, it is true. Life can be way more natural and spontaneous too, if only we are not willing to be boxed in a 6″ screen.

So, after giving it a serious thought and determined to use my time more productively, I decided to enslave my smartphone so that it can serve me better. I have given it clear instructions as to when it should go to sleep and not to disturb me from 7pm in the evening till 10 am in the morning.

Of course, I being the master can choose to poke it occasionally in case of certain exceptions like reading Swamiji’s new blog or watching His video on Saturday mornings. After listing down all the clauses and exceptions, the deal has been signed by the monkey mind. Now even if it tries to portray something as urgent, it’s just not allowed, it’s illegal. For instance, today when I couldn’t acknowledge Prahalad Ji’s beautiful comment during the daytime, my fingers were itching to respond in the evening. Just this one time, it’s harmless you know, anyways today is your break day and you are not doing anything significant…all sorts of excuses to dissuade me. But No means No. Ek bar jo maine commitment kardi, fir me khud ki v nahi sunti😂 It can wait till tomorrow morning, finally the mind made peace with itself.

If you find yourself in the same boat as me, this challenge is just for you. To make you the Master, the King of your life !

Now take a deep breath, close your eyes… imagine yourself all decked up in royal attire with a glittering crown on your head and a slave sitting by your feet. That slave is your smartphone and You, yes You my dear are the king, my Majesty! 

Okay enough of that, no more messing with ya!😛

Actually, it’s pretty simple. Just take a few minutes to think of how you want your ideal day to be, when would you be needing your phone for work or a reasonable entertainment slot, and then plan accordingly when you can do without your phone. Of course, sleep time is not to be counted in, I knew you’d say that!

It could be an hour or a few hours depending upon what’s feasible for you according to your demands. Also, think hard to identify any exceptional situations that may arise and include them in your plan to minimise any lapses. Like I have allowed myself to publish a post on my break days. So, this post in itself is not a violation, it’s the norm, you see! 🙂

You can set this time period on your phone as focus or do not disturb mode or even use some other apps designed for restricting screen time. Try it out for a week or 10 days and see for yourself how it feels. Are you missing your phone or falling in love with life?

Any idea why I am writing this post ? Selfish as I am, it is to announce my intentions to the universe and garner your collective support. Increasing my chances at success, you know.

I hope this post was worth your time and didn’t feel like a boring old woman’s sermon. Would love to have you join me in this challenge. Any suggestions to make this challenge easy and fun are most welcome, please feel free to share. 

Now, it’s high time to fight the case and prove – Who is the real smart one out there,   your smartphone or you?