Who is this hardika jain 2

Well, she is that little

Someone who talks with her actions and efforts.

Someone who has channelised all her energies into helping one and all.

Someone who is walking on to the path of peace and happiness gracefully.

Someone who is opening up and blooming so graciously.

Someone who is a live example for her teenage peers.

Yes, she is Hardika :

– a humble disciple of Swamiji

– a most loving daughter
of her mummy papa

– a sweet little sister of her not
so big sister

and a free bird with wings to remain a ‘ LIFE LONG LEARNER ‘. She is busy designing an uncommon path towards a common word called SUCCESS.

This is Hardika, a 19+, young, energetic, compassionate, action filled dreamer.

Until two years ago, she was a soul who somehow lost her way onto the topsy turvy, curvy, stony, thorny, lusty, confusing, paths and crossings of present day teenage world.

When this pandemic struck and lockdown was imposed, she was so full of scattered energy and unmanaged emotions. Then, with her own efforts, and a steel will, she found ways to channelise herself.

Physical activities included bicycling, boxing. Talking about her other regular activities which keep popping out of her sweet, pinky, flowery, heart :

– the street dogs are so well fed, if they happen to be around our society, when her wallet is full, which mostly is 😊.

– during lockdown, she would rent even an ola /uber and race out to distribute snacks, lassi, juice (what all she could get from either home or one mother dairy which used to be open).

– She got an I Card printed as a staff of Jain Clinic, her papa’s place of action-worship. This worked as a license to be on roads even during lockdown . 😊

– Would offer lassi and juice to policemen on duty. So, who will question her breaking lockdown rule? 🤗

– looking to further channelise the energy brimming out, she joined Brainy Bones, a small voluntary organization. Now she puts in her best while counselling and motivating teenagers who are facing rough emotional patches. (and believe me there are hundreds and thousands seeking same-age listeners who won’t judge them).

– last but not the least, her college chose her to be a part of volunteer group who would provide online support to pandemic affected families in whichever way possible. She puts her heart and soul into this and I have been seeing her busy day and night, coordinating things for the needy who approach them.

Today, totally living the present peaceful moments that Universe has showered on me, I am writing this blog, while she is busy in her room recording an interview to an English news channel. ‘Volunteers for saving souls’ are the words given by the channel to describe her college group of volunteers.

Very humbly I submit that Swamiji your disciple is growing. Keep her under your ever graceful sight. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

Jai Shri Hari🌹

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