But why??

Right now certain thoughts are going through my mind…
Not sure if those are questions, Confusions or lessons..jobWe see some one in need..
We wish someone helps them
We feel bad for their suffering
Why don’t we step up to help
Why is it should not be us
Why it should be someone else to help..

Yes we might not be in a situation to help them…
.or is it always about situation…?
Or are we always available of some sort of help to that person that helps them in any manner..
An emotional support, or your physical effort for their help, word of motivation, finding them someone who can help, and so on…we can do wonders…yes? Then why can’t we help when its practically required…isn’t helping else is serving humanity…being human…

We often expect something in return when we help…somewhere at the back of mind…not immediately but sometime…is that a help or a exchange..
We do it today in the name of help……and after years when we are in need of the same we turn to them..? A helping hand is also offered at times right…now that becomes gratitude.. How wonderful is that..!

But if no help comes in we start reminding them or ourself of our deed the other day…is this sensible??or natural??
Or are we so much into self that wherever we go whatever we do in the end it turns out to be self satisfactory and not else satisfactory..

A labour does his job..gives in his physical and mental efforts and returns home with money….
Now who is self here the employee or the employer….?

The employee fills his pockets
In exchange to his physical and mental efforts…
The employer fills his pockets in exchange to his products…

Now both are benefitting from each other …does this say its always about give and take..?
Hand in hand?
Or is it always about me?

Or why are there many beings around just like me..if its only about me why they exist..
When they co exist isn’t it about everyone.. Every time…

Or only the creator knows the answer…🙏🙏🙏

Thoughts please..