When I was born it was not known who I was and who was my Own. 

I was weak,  a little sweet , and used to weep. First touch I felt two Tender Hands, mother lap full of warmth and love.

A little young , used to sing ” Chubby Cheeks ” , fond of kites , running on rooftops day and night.  

oh! Alas  

Fell Down from the rooftop, unconscious and the house was full of Sadness. What would happen next, my mother cried.   Don’t know whoes  tender hands hold me and make me survive .

Who Was He??  

The question was in everyone’s mind .After some time when I was nine, I fell down from the stairs at  night . 

  oh!  how i Hold the stairs was like someone holding me back. 

 Unbelievable it was because there was no chance of survival. 

Who Was He?  

I was sleeping on the bed, the  boxes joined to the bed . Shutters   of the boxes were very heavy. It fell on my face .

But oh! who saved me, there came a pillow between my face and the shutter.

It was nothing but magic.

Who Was He?  

I asked my mother that who was he ?? She told me that it was the supreme power THE GOD who helped you.