Have you ever shed a tear or two while watching movie scenes whereby kids are bullied or abandoned by their friends? Having always been a keen observer, and mostly a silent one, I have unfortunately witnessed many instances where people feel hurt after being left out. As Swami said in His 21st March Zoom session, there’s nothing more painful to an individual than the feeling of being left out. And I absolutely agree with Him that it is the opposite of love (Yes, yes! When don’t I agree with Him anyway, right?) Giving others a sense of belonging has always been very close to my heart. In fact, I think it’s one of the best things we can do for others and Swami also expounds on it here. And to tell you the truth, it doesn’t take a lot to make others feel belonged.


Few years ago I had just started on my first job and while I was in the staff room, a lady started choking while eating. Unfortunately no one seemed to care enough to help her. So, I reached out for bottle of water and drank it. 

Just kidding!

I handed the water bottle over to her and she was okay after a minute or two.  But no, this story isn’t about me, but the fact that even months later, she kept thanking me for helping her that day. Later on, I found out that she wasn’t appreciated by colleagues in that work place. But none of that mattered to me. As many of us have realised; opinions are heavily conditioned. That lady felt loved from that tiny gesture of mine, and I was equally touched by her gratitude.


It doesn’t take that much to make others feel at home. Very often we underestimate the impact of a few sweet words, a smile, or even a short random message wishing the other well. The intent behind any of these gestures is to simply lift the other person’s spirit. When a new person joins our office, or a new student joins the class, or in fact even when a new member joins our lovely os.me, if we try to welcome them with open arms and a beautiful smile, we could actually be transforming their lives. We always remember a person who is kind to us, and the happiness extends to both the giver and the receiver.


Om Swami is the epitome of giving a sense of belonging, and we know all about it! If you have ever given others the sense of belonging, you would know how much joy can erupt within us with such a small act. And ultimately, isn’t this what os.me stands for? Giving the whole world a sense of belonging and never letting anyone feel left out? It’s easy to be kind to people we know, to friends, it’s easy to be kind to famous, rich people, it’s easy to love the loveable, but what about the quiet ones? What about the hurt and shy ones?


It’s our duty as humans to make others feel loved and belonged, in fact perhaps it’s our only duty as humans. 


So, go on! Did you speak to that shy person yet? Did you say hi on that post with no comments? Did you show some love to that friend who is always quiet?
Are you ‘home’ to someone? Why not? Be a home to someone! Say some kind words, remember their names, talk to them like you mean it.


Let’s truly find the good in those around us, because ultimately, we all want to be loved and we are trying the best we can with what we have at hand!


Swami is our home!! Can we be home to a few people? That’s the least we can do for this world:)
Let’s go!


P.S: Thank you to everyone on this platform who makes others feel belonged and at home with their amazing comments filled with overwhelming love & support:)