Kya fayda aisi chamak ka jo marne ke baad dikhe ?

What is the use of such a glow which is seen after death?

Last night I watched the Bollywood movie “Shabhash Mithu ” on Netflix. Shabash Mithu is a story of an Indian woman cricketer, “Maithali Raj.” Although I loved the whole film, one movie dialogue just stayed in my head: Kya fayda aisi chamak ka jo marne ke baad dikhe ?

I believe in this line strongly. Most of the time, we all run, slow down, take a break but run. But some of us run and sit and never get up. We know successful writers, people who disclose their identity after death, or we value people after their death. I don’t understand. What’s the point now?

I know it’s a personal choice, but we should show up when we do something good and appreciate those doing it.

We get this beautiful life, and in this life, most of the time, we are just growing older but doing nothing more significant, and we are not even living our lives gratefully. I know all are not born to do something big, but we can support those who want to do it. As we are growing, we are learning, and we are learning to take things easy and give time. Give time to yourself, your dreams, and your ambitions.

Let’s shine when we are here; share your story. We don’t know whom we are inspiring and where.

Be a light to someone.

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

Image credit: Happify