These times have taught me one thing for sure, calmness is not a destination but a journey.

Before the lockdown, I wanted to rest and do my own thing all day while not feeling guilty and when I have the opportunity to do it, it couldn’t be more difficult.

I took this opportunity to reflect and understand why I am getting impatient and it was quite clear, I have figured out pitfalls of listening to my mind and my mind is not happy about it. It knows if I get more time to myself, I will know all the fears, emotions and feelings I have are not related to anything but just my mind “functioning”. In the past 5 weeks, nothing in my surroundings has changed but my mood swings have gone from being ecstatic to having an existential crisis.

The more I reflect, the more I understand that meditation and reflection let you take over your thinking. This also makes my mind edgier, when I am just watching tv, talking to my friends and family or scrolling through social media.

I believe, we can overcome impatience by acceptance and when we combine all these three practices, we realize that we have full autonomy over our mind.

In conclusion, sit and reflect on your feelings and yourself, when you meditate let those emotions flow without restraint and when you are going about your day and having mood swings like tidal waves, just accept and smile. You will see, soon your mind will be under your command and you can change your mind from an ocean with tidal waves to a lake with still water.