Today is Ram Navami! 🙏🙏

I wish everyone Happy Ram Navami. This day we also feed Kanya-Langura at our homes. 

This is very special and delightful experience when small kids eat a little food and then say, “Mera Pet Bhar gaya” (My stomach is full). 

When I was a kid, neighbors used to invite me at their home. 

I used to be very happy because it was the only chance in 6 months when I earn some money (even 10 ₹ ) by myself. And that too without having any skills just an innocent face. 

Mostly neighbors used to give either 1₹ or 2₹. But still there were worthy of many thousands rupee today. 

This kept happen for many years. 

But suddenly at one Navami, no one invited me, I kept waiting for 10am, 11 am and 12pm but not a single family invited me. 

I just didn’t eat anything because of it till then. 

It was the first moment of my life when I realized that I had grown a little. 

I felt bad, I didn’t like the growing older. 🙁

Life stops for none, but they were very precious moments.  🙈