I have seen this in a few children (not all but a few). They would be beautiful and be more interested in makeup. They would spend more time on grooming. But why is it? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? The only reason I could find for this is they taste success immediately. A beautiful child sees immediate results when grooming, which prompts them to do more of it. This interesting behaviour changes once children attain adolescence or afterwards. Most children learn from their peers and start grooming themselves. We can see the same pattern in studies too. Children who are good at studies are more inclined towards it and for weaker children, studies become a burden and they seldom study.

This pattern can be seen in many other activities also.

1-Exercise and Meditation is also a good example of this. We start doing meditation or exercises with great enthusiasm but in the middle, we lose interest and stop doing it. This is because we reach a plateau and don’t see results. So once the initial euphoria wears down, we stop doing these important activities.

2-A businessman who faces a big loss will lose interest. He has fallen from his peak, but to tread the same path which he had already travelled is quite disheartening.

3-A beautiful woman who lost her beauty due to ageing or hormonal changes will find it hard to groom herself.

In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says, when we perform an action, there could be three outcomes.

1- Success or failure

2- Monetary loss or gain

3- Praise or Criticism.

In all these circumstances we need to face them with equanimity (Samatva).

A businessman should not lose motivation for his material loss. Women should not get disheartened by a lack of praise for their beauty. A Sadhak should not discontinue his practice when he doesn’t see success.

There are 3 more things which could put us back on to the right track.

1-Shraddha – We trust the system. Although we cannot see the results, we believe in our coach / Guru’s words and continue doing it. We have seen their transformation and their success acts as a trigger for our practices.

2-Satsang – In this digital world, we can listen to our Gurus from the comfort of our house. We all know what it takes to become successful in life. But we are not good communicators. We don’t know how to convince our mind. Most gurus are successful in this. They don’t teach us something that we don’t know. They teach us the same thing in a more structured way. These Satsangs will put us back on track.

3-Sangha – In the modern-day, Sangha means our friends, colleagues and other like-minded people. Whenever my daughter practices Asanas well, it inspires me to do it. My friend’s success inspires me to follow them. Be it grooming myself, reading books, business, or personal growth. Being with such wonderful human beings will inspire us and put us back on track.

Life is all about how we handle these lows. Success takes time and effort. Most of our time is spent in handling these testing times. If we learn to mitigate these stressful phases of our life. We will live a very peaceful life.


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