Have you ever read a disclaimer before watching a movie or some addictive Netflix series? Yes? Good, because here is mine before I begin this post: 

This post is solely based on my understanding and the truth as I see it, so please don’t take it too seriously if it clashes with your views.

So, have you ever been quite bothered about worship? When I was little, it would bother me sometimes. Somehow, depending on our culture and religion, we are made to believe that God likes being worshipped and that’s the way to go about it if we are part of certain religion. My understanding was such that God is like a King who likes His little subjects to praise and worship Him and that’s how we can attain Him, through rituals without any feelings, just a set of ‘must-do’s’. I am really not sure how I came to this conclusion but it simply made no sense in my mind, because, why would God, who is supposed to be above Ego and be equanimous about being placed on a pedestal, enjoy being worshipped and only reciprocate to those who worship Him? Anyway, I let it go and developed my own ways and beliefs.

Fortunately, many years later, some of these answers found me, thanks to Om Swami (Duh:))

So, I’d like to share my discovery. Here goes:

1. Worship of God is a by-product.

Yes, thanks to Om Swami, I, like many others, realised that worshipping God, is ideally a by-product of our love for God. At least eventually. The idea of worship is to express love, gratitude and devotion towards the form we have an affinity for. 

2. God smiles from our love, expressed as worship.

Is God pleased by worship? Ask Him:) Just kidding! I believe He is pleased, but not because we are worshipping Him. It is a devotee’s love and devotion pouring from the worship which pleases God. 

3. Worship is an inevitable form of expressing love.

Just like you would shower the one you love with flowers, feed them chocolates, the finest delicacies and smile at them most lovingly, the way we express our love to God is through worship. And some of us, do have immense love for the form of Krishna as a baby, for instance, and just like we’d bathe a baby most lovingly, the same would apply to the worship of an idol of baby Krishna:)

It turns out that unlike what I used to believe as a child, worship is not the only way to please God, and God isn’t sitting there waiting to be worshipped. It’s our heart, feelings and the love within, as well as the love for His creation which matter. Rituals and worship, are necessary, but mostly to stabilize the mind, inculcate mindfulness and develop a proximity to God. 

Yes, Krishna says that the one who is devoted to Him leaves Him with no choice, but to melt in that devotee’s love, who becomes dear to Him. Well imaginr a sweet child loving her mother with all her heart and behaving like a little angel (sounds dreamy), the mother will melt. I guess iy’s the same idea!

Now, does it seem like I do a lot of worship or rituals? Well, if you thought so, please think again. I don’t 😀

I wrote this post because maybe someone out there has the same question I used to have a few years ago. And hopefully their little brain (if they are little) will be less confused than mine after reading this.

If you don’t agree, go back to the disclaimer please:) Just teasing! And on that note, I wish you all a very happy new year! Keep spreading love:)

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