Day before was Karwa chauth ,a fast most North Indian women have been keeping even before it was glorified by Dilwale dulhaniya le jaenge or Ekta Kapoor melodramatic serial when the starving wife who hasn’t had a morsel of grain and drop of water almost dressed up as a bride with red and golden sarees/ lenhgaas, mehendi on hands ,maroon lipstick and annual sindoor application see the moon from a seive and offer it sweet,rice ,red vermillion and most important water going round and round thrice and then once a year touch their husband s feet ! And he in turn makes her drink water from his hand and according to his financial and emotional capacity gifts her gold,saree or atleast restaurant dinner! My mother inlaw this year had gone through 18 sessions of chemo and is under heavy medication still the fear of not keeping fast and her will power made her keep the Nirjal fast successfully! I on the other hand 12 years back with a lactating child had 3 glasses milk and 8 bananas 🍌 to be lieing to my inlaws that I was fasting! As Swamiji says avoid kallesh at all costs ,I had no courage to tell them this.This year my kids kept asking the logic and rationale for keeping this fast to which my answer was its our tradition and self control method to build will power! Different people eat jalebis, feniyaa  and prantha at 4am before fast and end the fast with poori,gobhi, paneer or kali daal and rice with kadi! Since it rained this time and Moon maama hid itself we saw Shivjee s head s Chand and ate our heavy dinner with coke! But this time I pondered too when a co devotee shared his cousin (boy s) picture of face book with his wife flaunting his Fasting for his wife , the co devotee who sent it ,said my cousin visits red light areas often ! This made me wonder does such fast prove we love our partners more? What should we do if our families don’t accept breaking the traditional rituals?