If you have ever wondered whether you should take up a new job or become an entrepreneur, there are no good answers. As with many things, it depends — on your circumstances, stage in life, conditioning, and other immeasurable traits. 

That said, there are certain attributes to entrepreneurship that have drawn the best and brightest minds to it since time immemorial. The following bullet points take a stab at explaining why: 

  1. It is the highest expression of one’s self: Entrepreneurship is one’s vision in action. It is the trigger that enables one to move beyond a theoretical business plan and create magic in real life
  2. You grow every single day: There are barely any dull moments in the life of an entrepreneur. Good? Yes. Bad? Yes. Dull? No. The byproduct of dealing with the good and the bad with equanimity is growth
  3. Meaning in the journey: Taking a company public is a hallowed dream for any thoroughbred capitalist. Yet, many entrepreneurs take it as an important but yet another milestone in the life of their company, showing up promptly for work the next day. Why? They derive satisfaction from the daily journey of crystallising their vision and not the irregular milestones, which at best, indicate that you are on the right path
  4. Focus and discipline become second nature: For any successful entrepreneur, lack of focus and indiscipline are cardinal sins; risks that no insurance policy can underwrite. Many commit this sin, only to come back with a renewed resolve, demonstrating character and building will power in the process
  5. Dictate your circumstances: In the life of an entrepreneur, there comes a time when they accept what’s beyond their control but take full ownership of what’s within. Instead of becoming a slave of circumstances, they become its master. Being in such a state is empowering
  6. Persist and make the universe listen: Entrepreneurs persist and they dig deep. They keep digging until the universe smiles and has no choice. This is probably the most beautiful part of it all, and lends an innate sense of satisfaction. 

Entrepreneurship is not easy, and, perhaps, it’s not meant to be so. But the returns are commensurate for it almost always leads to a life well-lived. That makes it worth it, does it not?