Since the time immemorial marriage has been the most important of all institutions in human society.

It has always existed in one form or another in every culture, ensuring social sanction to a physical union between man and woman and laying the foundation for building up of the family. 

But is marriage necessary to every human or can we chose not to marry? 

What is the basic requirement of him/her, when they chose to marry? 

What do a person expect from a marriage? 

And if marriage is so necessary then why do Sidha Purush chose not to marry and spend their all life alone? 

Marriage more than a subject of emotional, physical and psychological, it’s subject of society and its social beings. 

It’s said at numerous places that a man or woman is incomplete when alone, so to be completed they have to marry someone, otherwise they’ll miss the real pleasures of life. 

Now the question arises, how can God make someone and something incomplete? 

When we born, we born alone, we spend 27-28 years alone then why do we need partner to make us complete? 

I’m always against the Orthodox concept of marriage. 

I believe we must marriage someone, when we don’t need the other person, but still we are willing to spend our whole life with him or her. 

And from where the will come? 

Here the concept of love arises. When we truly love someone, we just want to and strive to keep her/him happy and do all the stuffs to make sure this. 

There is not much difference to the love of parents and love of partner. 

We want to keep our parents as happy and healthy as we want to our partner. 

It’s just lusty mindset that differentiate the love of parents and partner and that emphasis the physical relation, the prerequisite of love between couples, that is completely absurd. 

I believe, we must marry only when we like someone, or we love someone, or we are willing to keep him/her happy, or just want to spend our whole life in his/her arms. 

I don’t say Love is necessary for marriage but mutual understanding and willing is definitely needed. 

Here comes my story, 

I used to Love a girl and definitely I still do.

Initially she was ready for marriage and later she denied because of her parents. 

I  can’t say whether she used to love me or not but I surely do. 

I was willing to give her all the happiness and make her life beautiful but she chose the other way and I respect that. Love can’t be forced. 

Now after this

Only in fourteen days, four parents have approached me for marriage and willing to fulfill any demand. 

I am completely against this idea of marriage, a guy can’t be good only because he has a good job now. 

Someone must have chose me for my character and honesty rather than money and fame. 

I too personally can’t keep some other girl as happy as I could do the one I love. 

I feel it will be completely injustice to the other girl whom I marry. 

So I decided not to marry anyone. 

In the world, full of injustice, I’ll do justice with people as much as I can. 

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