Running is more than just a form of exercise and the liberating feeling which it brings can set the tone for entire day. As far as dynamic meditations go I find running to be easiest and most effective and encourge fellow readers to give it a shot.


I run from the shadows 

I run to the meadows 

I run to catch the first ray of morning sun

To stop all the chatter

To leave all the troubles 

To escape that darkness  hence I run

Not to prove a point

For there is nothing to prove

To cut out the noise of 

All those who disapprove 

I don’t run from something 

Not to avoid life

I run towards a promise

For which everyday I strive 

Seen too much heard too much 

Carry this thunderstorms inside

Run from the sights 

Run from the fights

Run to for once just feel alive

Leave behind the parts of me

I don’t really like

When they get left behind

The soul comes to life

To test my limits 

For there are none

Chase the wildest dreams

Hence I run


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