It is human nature to react to certain situations in a certain way. Sometimes the way one reacts is different in different situations. A kid at home always reacts in a different way to the same thing said by different members of the family. The way he giggles in front of mom and sister shows a naughty smile in front of grandparents and follows the words of his dad as something to be studied, to understand why we all react differently to different situations.

In the same way, it happens in our peer group where if something is said by our friends it is okay and if it is said by our friends it is ok and if it is said by someone else it can lead to fighting. The question which comes into mind our whether it is the words that hurt us or the person or the situation in which those words are said. If closely analyzed the reaction can be studied under three aspects which are:

1. The word: Though it is not the major reason sometimes we are possessive about certain words and they have a history with it. These can be the words that have a subconscious effect on the person and he may have a history with it. Abusive childhood or assaults can be the reason why certain people react to a certain statement.

2. The person: The second can be with the person who speaks that, if these word/words are said by family/ close friends, peers the reaction may not be there, but the reaction if said by a stranger for the same will be different.

3. The situation: The third and foremost is the situation or the mindset of the person. It depends on what the person is thinking and what he/she is going through. We would have encountered several situations when we see an aggressive reaction for very small things at our home and workplace. People react to small things that they are quite normal towards in normal times but they straightly burst.

The above points can be considered and it is rightly said by our strength, our Guru, our everything,  “be mindful and just breathe before we act.”

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