If you ask any sensible person why meditate you’ll get answers like to be calm less stressful more energetic etc.

But as people who are interested in finding the truth of who they are, the meaning of life, their purpose, then meditation can’t be looked just as a way to have a little peace of mind.

What happens during meditation?

During meditation what happens is very simple it can be put into one word – It is simply observing his thoughts and emotions without being identified, judging, condemning or trying to change them in any way.

Why should I do that? That’s what matters really why should we spend the time meditating observing? Let’s put it in an example.

Jim is a very angry person. He doesn’t like certain groups of people, he hates probably everyone who has different life views as he has because simply he is unconscious not physically but in the sense he believes the content of his mind (thoughts) to be who he really is, which are conditioned by his environment instead of the Awareness in which they occur, which includes his name race nationality religion work etc… Which makes his life miserable full of hate and suffering for himself and for others. Now what if jim instead of getting caught in the stream of thoughts and just connect to this moment through breathing and observe the whole movement of his train of thoughts? He’ll start to see why does he believe certain things, why does he hate a lot of people, his likes dislikes fears desires motives etc… from that very observation arises an undestanding He’ll notice the doesn’t hate people anymore he’ll start seeing the whole persona of who he thought he was slowly fading away till nothing remains. What will be left after his self dissolves that’s for us to find out now.

To conclude meditation is being conscious throughout the day. When you brush your teeth attend to it, when you eat be mindful of the movement of your jaw up and down and  the feeling of food in your mouth. When you’re walking feel the movement of your legs and the ground touching the soles of your feet.

Be here now.

This sums up the practice of meditation in a nutshell.

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