“Self Love” is something which we have to ask ourselves if we are able to practice diligently? It depends on if we are in really in love with ourselves too.

When I pray for others it opens a channel of energy within myself where I see myself being purified of all that is holding me back. I see a connection of “Self” within all and it helps me understand and accept the value of truth through love .

It annihilates my “EGO” because there is no sense of “I” and I see it all burnt just like in a oil lamp in front of me that radiates light and energy. That overflowing energy of true love and compassion fills my inner being with so much grace that the prayer connects the person and the purpose of placing the prayer at the divine light. 

In Self Love I find a sense of surrender and in that surrender I light the path of that self for the person I pray for. 

I close with the quote ” Compassion is the highest and purest form of Love”. 

In Prayer.



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