It was my sanskrit period and ma’am was checking our notebooks! unfortunately i didn’t write some meanings of sanskrit words which were told to us by ma’am…maybe i was not paying attention at that time 🤷‍♂️ but what happened next really shook me from inside… It was my turn to show the notebook and i thought that she will give me some time to write the word meanings but no! She took my book , checked it and tore nearly 10 pages from it! even those pages which had correct answers :’) Another story…. when i was studying in 3rd class…( in KV) my maths teacher called me and asked me to answer a maths question… i was sooooo weak in maths (less concentration?… maybe) but my teacher was not in any mood to forgive me… as if he came to school after getting beaten by his wife with a belan and then getting bitten by a dog🤡…. god knows his story….but all his frustration went right onto my face :’) he slapped me nearly 5 times… very hardly… and the sad part is that instead of being sympathetic towards me…. my friends were laughing at me ☹️🥺 after that i literally cried the whole day ☹️. 

Why i wrote this post was not because i wanted to tell my experiences… my experience are mere examples… The real problem is… when will teachers like these get real education…. education is not learning Boyle’s law, Newton’s law or learning when did french revolution happened! We are  educating children when they are taught compassion, sympathy, empathy and care…. when they are taught discipline and not just 4 basic operations of maths (although that is also important) I believe that before teaching a student something…. the teacher must learn the concept properly… similarly if a person wants to instill some kind of good quality in a person then he/she must have that first… my teacher and my friends were always so rude towards me that might have effected my character later… i did my work within my limits till the max perfection… but if the other person is not satisfied with my work why should i even care about his comments? why should i let them ruin my inner peace? They can give me a few suggestions on how to present it and make it more beautiful but showing their anger and meaningless angreji (lol) on me won’t help! instead it can be very disastrous for both the people…still in KV many children are scolded and sometimes beaten by teachers and even by the principal!! Teachers are our second parents…we spend 6-7 hours or sometimes even 10 hours of our day with them! but we all know that parents also don’t beat children for no reasons…Teachers should be kind when kindness is required and should be strict when we did something very wrong…Thanks to the government… we can now complain against such teachers who beat or verbally abuse children 😁 

Anyways…when my sanskrit teacher tore my notebook….i joined the correct answer pages with tape and wrote the word meanings 😁 (money and pages both were saved) and guess what…. in finals i got the highest marks in sanskrit (out of 80) 😁 

Thank you 

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