I Love You!

These are very simple three words in English, but they come with high value and (frankly) high maintenance. We see the very simple and the only meaning of I love you is that you love that person and love is defined in various ways. If you google LOVE, you will find its definition as “a strong feeling that you have when you like somebody/something very much.” and it is true. 

But the love you feel and you express is different for different people. The love you feel for your family is different from the love you feel for your friends. And the love you feel for your friends is different from the love you feel for that one special person in everyone’s life. And this is why I say, I love you has a high value and high maintenance. 

If you are questioning, why HIGH VALUE? 

The answer is simple. The person to whom you say these words will believe that you like, adore, trust and care for them. Because love is by default attached to at least these four characteristics. If you do not like a friend of yours, why would you say ‘I love you’ to your friend? No, you wouldn’t. Because, it is in human nature, the people that we like, adore, trust and care for are the majority of the people we love. Love is a high-value word because it has enormous powers in it.

A simple ‘I Love You’ can make someone cry and open up about how they feel. Everyone knows even if the world goes against them, their parents are going to love them. So, when someone who is not our parents (may also include parents expressing it to their child) we feel trusted. And when we trust someone it is easy to open up to them. 


Love comes with maintenance. When we say ‘I Love You’ to someone they start trusting us and revert the same feeling to us. But, if we do not keep up with our ‘I Love You’ by not caring for them or starting to avoid them or simply hurt them, we break them. It is not easy for everyone to trust someone. And when we break their trust, it takes a lot of time for them to trust someone else. And so, Love comes with HIGH MAINTENANCE. 

Saying these three words “I LOVE YOU” is really easy. Imagine when a teacher tells their kid that they LOVE them, the kids have a huge smile on their face and they are happy. Because their teacher has said “I Love You” to them. I have seen the smile on kids face when my mom (who is a teacher) tells them that she loves them. It is the same when we say it to anyone we genuinely care, trust, adore and like. These words turn everyone into a child and make them smile. And making someone SMILE is making them think less of the things that hurt them and be at peace.

If you have come across this blog and you liked it, go and tell your family, friends or anyone you like that you LOVE them. This might make their day!

Thank You!

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