Why things bother? Perhaps many things occupy relevant positions inside our head, and their space is certainly explicable to us. Trouble starts when things impede our way to take critical actions and decisions on the matter. 

Let’s talk in detail regarding. 

In a given day, we are upto many things. Our work, collage ec cetera. And throughout the day, the mind stays engaged with the actions performed. When things go pretty well, it flashes on our face. And when stuffs do not happen as we supposed them to, happiness drains out. This is how the mind is operating us. Mind certainly releases hormones according to the things taking with respect to our expectations or shall I say OBSESSIONS. 

People who can keep a track on their expectations can certainly manage their obsessions, and so can decide the level of effection with the things happening around. Has this thought ever come across your mind that how obsessions are developed? What I have experienced so far I must comprehend. The obsessions are an ideal space of things we thinking and doing frequently. Certainly not everything is in our control to think, as mentioned above, we think and feel accordingly with the given circumstance. But still there are considerable stuffs that we think for leisure that later become obsessions. 

The conscious mind provokes us to think about stuffs that please us. Although it is a healthy way of living but at times such things head south. Let’s understand with a small example. Supposedly you are given a project, and you successfully do it prior to the deadline. It will surely possess happiness, and you further expect that your boss will applaud you for so. But on submission your boss takes the project goes without any apporbation. It will effect you because your conscious mind made a scenario in which you were getting pleased, and surely that pleasure failed to come. And it starts bothering. Which is why it is advised to never expect  anything from anyone. Initially it will bother but wouldn’t hamper much, with the passing time if it becomes habitual- it’s bothering level will start rising.

Obsessions can be put on hold. What I have learned is major things stay within your control, and you can actually deviate things around on your will.

“When you are alone, mind your thoughts” I belive everyone must have come across this phrase at least once. What if I tell you that this phrase exhibits a potential energy because obsessions are not made by the actions we perform but the thoughts we keep inside. When we consciously think of events happening in our favor, our body releases happy hormones that triggers us to think more, as mentioned erstwhile, but such greed of pleasures makes us feel disappointed later. Hold on for a sec and start observing what actually is going inside, in other words mind your thoughts before they become your obsessions. We ASSUME a alot of things every sec. Such ASSUMPTIONS can be hefty on you. Suppose a group of people is standing at a certain distance and you don’t find yourself comfortable around that group. If they are discussing about something, a thought might come across your mind if they are talking something foul about you, and that will eventually show in your actions. And later we even think what they say is not our concern, but it is known its hard to act so.

For such space we need to learn to mind our thoughts. And it starts when we sit alone. A simpler way to start off with is to keep thinking of about things that are in your control. Deliberately forcing your conscious mind to focus upon scenarios where the event is entirely in your hand. It will be irritating at first but just sticking by will keep your obsessions in your hand, and later you will come to this post again comment a thank regards 😊.  Instead of making people happy you can focus quality of your job that might eventually influence their mood. Focusing on your speech rather than applause and criticism. Such small changes make considerable differences in the end. And when your conscious part comes your hand, your subconscious mind starts possessing things in your favor, and even if things don’t turn out in your favor, it wouldn’t bother you much. Also your power of decision making will stay healthy throughout. 

When conscious mind is not influenced by outside forces, your mood will stay entirely in hand. Happening things in favor wouldn’t make you much cheerful, in loggerheads wouldn’t let you feel suppressed much, good ones about to happen wouldn’t excite much and critical stuffs wouldn’t let your feel nervous much.

Good day 😇.

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