Why do we say Ram-Ram early in the morning?

there is no fixed number to take the name of God, but 108 beads have a special significance in Hinduism, whenever you are asked to chant the rosary, the number 108 automatically comes to your mind, today we will tell you ancient Why is it customary to say Ram Ram in India
Even today, our elders do Ram Ram to each other in the morning, which has a very deep secret, although you must have heard that in the name of Ram bigger than Ram, the tradition of saying Ram Ram in the morning here is going on since ancient times. The reason is that when we speak Ram once, in the Hindi alphabet r is the 27th letter, aura is 2 and mwa is the 25th letter.
so the addition of these
27+2+25 =54 = One Ram

54+54= 108

In this way, by saying Ram Ram twice, the whole rosary becomes complete, that is, saying Ram Ram twice, gives the result of saying Ram Ram for 108 times.

I hope you enjoy this information

Jai siyaram