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It is now common to everybody of any age to come under the stress and depression, even I have figured it out but still sometimes I got depressed. The reason for our depression is our expectations it may be with family, friends, colleagues, etc. Here brain plays a vital role, first we get the result in any form which is not as per our expectations and then continuous thoughts, plays major role and we attract depression. The brain is so intelligent even if you try to avoid the thinking it will again and again compel you to think over the same matter and will engage you in conversation with it and sometimes it reaches to that level where you will find your life has no use.

Now what would be solutions.

Stop self talk it can be easy in hearing and writing but it is very much difficult to practice. How to proceed you should chant mantra internally continuously just like breathing, whenever u r idle  just chant the mantra it will reduce the self talk, after practicing few days you will find that at the time of strating of this process your self talk duration has declined but later on it will again get habituated and self talk will start again in that case try to chant new mantra, as for chanting new mantra brain will have to focus on the mantra and self talk will be reduced.

Do not expect that you have won the battle because once it get habituated it will again block you in self talk.

You will notice that brain have stored all the bad felling, inslut, pain fight emotional torture etc, these all feelings will just keep us low and creates the depression. The important thing is Brian uses self talk by hammering our pas bad experience and once we get involved in the conversation the experience get stored in the brain and this in more better way. If you realise that oh self talk is agin on, try to move back to find out the thought where this bad felling get started, and then stop there.

In Geeta it is written that jiska bhi janm hua hai uska any nischit hai. It applies to thought also.

In my personal experience I have gained a lot of better feeling and had helped me in creating strong mind, and I have gained much control over my depression.



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