We all live in our dream world especially the young people like I. Honestly speaking, I have crazy dreams which push me to do better but sometimes they push me back too, When I see myself not doing what I want to do then I feel low. I remember the time when I wanted to give up on my studies just because I wanted to be a writer. I had no Plan B. I am blessed enough to have the guidance of lovely and wise people around me who just always shows me the right path.

I don’t want anyone else to do the same mistakes which I would have done if I had no guidance. So I want to tell you all that dreams are our strength. Actually we all live for our dreams. Some of our dreams are achievable and some of our dreams are not. A dream gives us passion. Some of us want to be a great musician, a great sportsperson and so on. The truth is that we need to work hard for all our dreams to come true. Through hard work, we can easily fulfil our dreams – there is no doubt about it.

The harsh truth of this world is that we need money to survive. For the money, we need to do those things which we may not like. See, there is a difference. If we want to do what we dream of, then we need to give time to that and we need to work for that. When we reach the expertise level in our field then the money is not going anywhere. But till then we need to do the things which give us money and financial stability. I hear interviews of many successful people and most of them say they that had Plan B.

We can see our Bollywood actors or actresses also. Most of them have completed their proper education just for a Plan B. If they don’t get successful in the acting world, then they will have a job at least.

So, it’s awesome to have dreams but keep working on them. We need to have Plan B too. We need to be financially independent. 

So, I just want to say – “Never stop dreaming but never stop working on them also”. We all need to have a good relationship with money because most of the dreams are dependent on money.

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Riya Om


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