Why history?

Me: Teacher-teachr, why I stdy hiss~try?

Devil horrible Teacher: Because it’s history period!

Me: I mean y we stdy?

Devil horrible Teacher : Because you have to clear history exam or else you will fail.

Me: Teacher-teachr, wat need for hissss..try exam? Y don’t re-move it.

Devil horrible Teacher: We can’t decide to remove it, it’s in the syllabus decided by the Government Education Committee board.

Me: But, what’s worth in nowing who is whoosee son of a ditch, and about dicth of ditch’s sons ditchess….and..

Devil horrible Teacher: WHAT DID YOU SAY!

Me: Teacher-teachr, fV*k you!

The Rest is History!

Why should we study history? If most of it is useless garbage information, the remaining myths, and mythology, half-truth (or complete lies), written and shaped (in any way) by those holding power.

These questions took the form of monkeys roaming within me in those boring history classes, teachers repeating the same drama for 20+ years and students being great sleepwalkers, ready even to deceive that terminator with their nods to teachers blabbering.

Why History, Truth

This question is for millennia, that if history doesn’t follow any stable rules, and if we cannot predict its future course, why study it?

For every answer philosophers vomited created more questions and furthermore answers. It’s mostly based on subjectivity than subscribing to any greater-than-thou belief or philosophy.

So, if blabbering history, helps a devil teacher to feed his dumb children, then it’s well and good for him. If cramming up history books, a nerd finds joy and escape from his reality (where his debtors are chasing him), although it doesn’t bring any fortune for him, history is valuable for him (but his debtors are ready to turn him in the pages of history!)

Yuval Harari states the importance of history in his book on the future! , Homo Deus that to study history to liberate ourselves from it.

So, if a great messenger of ultra-professional max pro-God, reads his great religious mind-bogging deeds and concludes – all religions except mine will go to hell if they do not follow my mou-thou-how-bhow-philosophy and religion, and charges to help them reach heaven and find peace, and rest them in ultimate Peace!; is using history for his own perish, and instead of liberating from his religious occult, gets entangled in it.

If history liberates you from your beliefs, constraints, worries, and from that goddamned God, who is always supposed to be written with capital ‘G’, it is useful.

Useless garbage information

The son of the great grand king Peter Hennery Louis Da La Silverstone Dalriada VII, was also a great king (actually, he was a moron).

The biggest problem with history is, it is thought of as a collection of amazingly enlightening super cool information, which is supposed to save humanity if you cram it up, during the time of a life-threatening apocalypse by the aliens of the darker side of humanity, standing behind examination hall with a red single barrel gun in their hands to cut and smash away your marks!

Academics see history in this manner. For your dumb-makational (I mean educational) institute, history has only one importance. To force students to cram up historical information.

If you have this belief, then time to take up the time machine and go back to the Paleolithic age and play and shout out with some dinos, because I have a Google search, which will beat you, ALWAYS!

History is merely gossip.

~Oscar Wilde

Better things to learn at an early age

This small kid is brimming with energy, always ready to eat up his teacher (believe me he can do it). And at this age, when the soil mixed with some combination of H2O and …Ah! I forget the other element, anyways, the child can be shaped to be a Justine barber or The Great Grand Hitler (who saved this planet), or in any other way.

A myth is far truer than a history, for a history only gives a story of the shadows, whereas a myth gives a story of the substances that cast the shadows.

~ Annie Besant

The alienated dumbucation system, forces kids within in those six walled cubes, and blabbers them of the outer world of things that occurred long before even their great grandparents kissed themselves!

The militarization of history

I have immense power, so I will write history, whichever way I want, and you dumb will believe me, in whatever I say.

The greater fallen to the depths of hell a person in history and holding power (because TikTok was not that time to distract him) the higher to the sky of heaven he will portray himself. For he is the history maker.

“History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there.” – George Santayana

You don’t choose history. You are fed. Most of history is molded with myths and mythology. For history is never clear and shaped and created by those who actually don’t deserve to be a part of it.

Blood alone moves the wheels of history.

~Martin Luther

Subjective learning

“If you know your history, then you know where you’re coming from” — Bob Marley

Education must promote learning subjective history in place of objective one. Well, what the hell I wrote means?

It is simple, if you love football, you naturally want to learn its history. You will study by self-interest, not by force from your psycho teacher. And if you miss the great thou king’s amazing godlike actions and his Buddha-like charity, don’t worry you are not a loser.

Don’t force any history upon yourself.

To gain a different perspective of life

Truly, if it doesn’t help you get that amazing hot-looking girlfriend or boyfriend, or earn dollars, except if you are a moron, I mean history professor, it provides a different lens to see the world. Experience this point on your own, for it, no one can make you believe it if you don’t experience it first hand (Actually, I am bored enough to explain this point).

Entire history in a nutshell

The nutshell is humanity is deeply unconscious and on auto-pilot mode, hijacked by their emotions.

Understand your desire, anger, and lust, and you know the entire human history and its subsequent mystery.

To liberate from it, you don’t need to know every event that happened in the past, if you be free from the compulsions of your emotions, by choosing any path (yoga, meditation, devotion, creativity, etc.), you are free from the shackles of history.



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