Wild plants are nature’s gift to us. ‘Wild plants’ means that the plants growing in nature own their own and are not looked after by humans are considered as wild. They mainly germinate because of dispersion of seeds by birds, animals, air or water and flourish independently. They are present in great variety and are important part of food chain as many birds and animals ate their foliage, fruits or seeds. Even after cultivation, wild plants grow in fields as some seeds of wild plants still remain in the land even after harrowing. Wild plants grow anywhere and everywhere. Be like a wild flower! 🙂

Wild beauty 2

In between rocks

Wild beauty 3

Greenery on the door

Wild beauty 4

A wild climber with berries

Wild beauty 5

Florescence of difference

Wild beauty 6

Mushrooms soon after rains

Wild beauty 7

Survival in adversity

Wild beauty 8

Beautiful light purple flowers

Wild beauty 9

A flower blooming in filth

Wild beauty 10

A small bush with tiny flowers

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