I offer my obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Sri. Om Swamiji . Wishing you good health and much love . Keep showering your Blessings. Jai Sri Hari🙏🕉

My black shoes lay waiting eagerly at the doorstep to cozy my little feet and together they embarked on the acquainted trails.

Moving ahead on the same passages that lay calm and composed for unending hours,  days and years,

yet remained sane and clear to every passerby’s destination…

keeping an ever smiling face and welcoming unfailingly with its untiring arms wide open and waving …

And  it felt they could even hear me come around as I took my first few steps out of the house…

Though past the freezing winters now these passages had weathered and withered ,

with little cracks here and there , the gaps now filled with wild dry grass …

and in some areas the little pitted humps looked sensitively  to be filled delicately and meticulously ..

But in every condition all they truly cared for is  felt responsible for every species as a Soul on its eternal journey walking through them….

On the Passages

A few steps further having now entered into the basketball court field I saw a cute bunny rabbit quietly sitting in the wild grass in deep communion with himself and bathing in the warmth of the glowing sun   …I noticed it’s ears wave towards me in all awareness even though I cautiously and silently walked towards it , stood at a distance and watched it dearly . It’s sharp eyes shone brightly . Silently I clicked its picture for I did not want it to get disturbed or panic and run away. It kept note of my every action and step. But strangely even being so alert it did not budge a single bit. It was indeed basking in its wilderness of the moment and atmosphere.

Smilingly I left the place to another park behind, towards my favourite trees onto the good old friendly passages,   in all deep contemplation of the sweet bunny and its wholehearted wilderness. The freshness of the space ahead enhanced with a cool breeze and the beautiful sparks of the rays of the sun peeping out through every branch of the surrounding trees felt that nature so well communicated and greeted  every passerby, every speck, and kept showering it’s love on all. 

My steps took a sudden  halt and my smile turned into a prayer as I saw a tiny mouse that lay lifeless on that trail… “ What do I do? Poor thing…I can’t just move away leaving it like this . I could hide it under a tree somehow for atleast it won’t be crushed under someone’s feet”, so many thoughts crossed my mind .

I went searching for a piece of wood, so that I could lift the little body but could not find anything, so I plucked few leaves from the trees and held a pack of it in both my hands,  that would help cup them close to its body and put it on the side somewhere. Few passerbys slowed down to watch and passed a concerned smile as they saw  me pick the little one. 

But alas! the leaves were too soft to hold its body and I could barely manage to  pick it up…

I somehow then tried to move it softly ( it pained me even pushing it) bit by bit with those leaves  on one side near to the grassy area and started to dig the dried soil from the trail and carefully managed to cover its body.

Witnessing lives of the two species , the bunny rabbit out in the open fields breathing and fearlessly enjoying  its innate wilderness and in love with the moment and a bit further a lifeless little mouse that had exhausted its wilderness  and now lay buried to dust now offered to the deep wilderness of nature.

My black shoes shifted the whole mood of my feet ….There was this strange warmth of the vast surrounding they took with them as they moved back home. The steps had walked through some bigger Truth yet again. Every speck carried a vast world of its story.

The two little species made me realise that our Soul has taken birth only to love and experience the pristine wilderness of our very breath…

A breath that leads to an aware sensitive thinking …

An aware thinking that leads to beautiful innate speaking …

An innate speaking that leads one to innumerable compassionate actions ..

The compassionate actions breaking free every deep layer of the conditioning within…

and eventually opening up one to the beautiful adventures of living a life that leads  to His glory.

Wilderness 2The holy trees that bury in them the merriness and sorrow 

Wilderness 3The little bunny , in love with its wilderness 

Grace be on all 🙏

Much love and Peace

Siddhika Umesh

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