I am fortunate enough to be born in a religious family where day in day out we used to only talk about God.  I got initiation when I was only 10 years old. Obviously, I did not understand the deep meaning of the rituals I was doing, but I was doing it with real feelings. I still remember, once my father pointed me towards the beautiful picture of Gauri-Shankar bhagwan in our pooja ghar and told me that they are our parents (see the featured image), so I started thinking if Gauri Shankar bhagwan are my parents then Ganesh ji is my brother (haha Cute enough 🥰)  best thought was.. no “vighna” can dare to enter my life because “vighna harta” (Ganesh ji) himself is my brother he will save his sister, right..😍🙏

I grew up listening to my divine family’s tales and singing their glories in the form of bhajans. Ganesh ji and Hanuman ji were my favorite’s of all, I always found them so witty and full of humor (I have a natural inclination towards humor😁). They are so strong mentally and physically yet so down to earth and disciplined. There are so many examples in Ramayana of how much disciplined Hanuman ji was. He carried Ram Ji and Lakshman ji on his shoulder to Rishyamook mountain, he also carried the Sanjeevani booty mountain from north to south, so could he not carry Sita Maiya back from Lanka? But NO, it was not what he was told to do. Hanuman ji told this to Sita maa as well-

अबहिं मातु मैं जाउँ लवाई। प्रभु आयुस नहिं राम दोहाई॥

[Abahi matu mai jau lavai|Prabhu ayasu nahi Ram dohai||]

Not that he was told to burn Lanka and come back 😆 but that was just his way of playing and having fun. Actually I feel he was so smart that he had scrapped most of the resources and warriors in Lanka and made Ravana debilitated way before the war started.

Since my childhood, I have been talking to my divine family (my parents, my brother and my friend (Hanuman ji)) during my pooja . Sometimes bore them with too many updates and sometimes ask for help and guidance. I still remember, my father had a habit of putting everything in pooja ghar, offering and showing it to God first. Basically, dedicating it to God weather good or bad. It could be anything like a letter, any sweets, any books he bought. Eventually we all picked this habit of surrendering and offering everything to God first, it could be any thing that we have got OR our feelings/emotions.

This reminds me of a funny incident. In the first year of my engineering, I bought a book and kept it in our pooja ghar. Since it was starting of the semester, it was not much needed at that time, so I kept and did not pick it up. After few days, my father was like – Beta, God has read the book, now you can pick it up and start reading 😄

In my second year of engineering, my best friend gifted me a locket of Sai baba that she got from Ujjain. And that entry of Sai baba changed my life for good. It’s like how your friend introduces you to one of her friends and you fall in love with him 😊 Suddenly, miracles started to happen and I became a different person altogether. It was like, I was a spoiled and pampered kid with my parents but after marriage became responsible.

Since then, I don’t remember a day when I have not felt Sai baba’s presence. Everything that happens in my life, he has a say and I am completely surrendered to him. I love my Sai baba!  💖

Love is magical and you can only see it when you are in it!! Love does not see age, race or weather you are human or divine. It just happens.😇

I feel, God is what you believe in. It is something you have inside yourself. If you believe, you can see and talk to him and feel his presence.

Kabir rightly said-

ज्यों नैनों में पुतली, त्यों मालिक घट माहिं |
मूरख लोग न जानहिं, बाहिर ढूढ़न जाहिं ||

This Kabir couplet says that “God lies within you just as the pupil lies within your eyes.

But, these ignorant people don’t know this and keep on searching for God everywhere outside.”

Right now, I am at another turning point of my life and I have a feeling that Sai baba has given my responsibility to Swami ji (he might be tired of taking care of me 😆) There is again a series of miracles happening every day around me and I can feel Swami ji’s presence in it. I am being transformed.

I feel so blessed that God has literally taken care of me like their own baby. What else shall I ask for, everything is planned and paved already. Just one request that this never gets over and stays like this always🙏

Dedicating this song to my beloved Swami ji –

ऐ काश के हम होश में अब आने ना पाये
बस नग्में तेरे प्यार के गाते ही जाये

हो बस अगर तुम हमारे सनम
हम तो सितारों पे रख दे कदम
सारा जहां भूल जाये, बस नग्में तेरे प्यार के .गाते ही जाये..