Playing well with an ace, king or queen is easy. Winning with smaller ones is something noticeable. Isn’t it?

Hardika, my younger one, is looking out for ways to invest her extra energy and time in some internship in the field of Journalism and  Mass Communication, a course she is pursuing right now.  I also searched on line, browsed few websites and read Quora answers as well. The search is on.

Today morning  I  endorsed my daughter’s request to her father and suggested him of using his contacts to get her an internship/training/exposure in a media house. Today’s youth looks for smart cuts/short cuts to reach the destination, hence she also has expectations from her father that he will get her atleast a junior most position of trainee , if nothing more, by using his contacts.

It was shocking  and difficult for me to absorb his reaction. Earlier he had assured her of at least exploring the possibilities but today he took a clear U turn. This is what he said :

“First of all, you prove your worth, improve upon your habits, show me your good result, and then ask me for this favour. I don’t want my name to get ruined due to your shortcomings.”

His such plain statement in a harsh tone was a strong provocation for me. I am relieved to see that my brain / mind worked somewhat mindfully, all courtesy Black Lotus app. What all I said is as under, and then retreated:

(“अच्छे पत्तों से खेल कर तो कोई भी जीत सकता है. यही तो challenge है कि हम अपने खराब पत्तों से भी जीत के दिखाएं ” )

Everyone can play well and win with best cards. This is the CHALLENGE that we win the game even with ordinary cards.

I don’t know about him, but today onwards I will imbibe this line. I will pray hard, and work even harder alongside my both daughters who are supposedly low value play cards (kharab patte ) for their own father.  A father who has yet to accept that PARENTING played a crucial role in making them what they supposedly are today in his view.  I will win this game of worldly success named – career/ money-making.

  1. Just like majority out there, for my dear husband as well only when one can earn a lot does she qualify as a “success”. Just like majority out there, he is also quite judgemental and  biased.  Always busy in caressing his own soft ego.  When people at large make certain opinions about something or the other, that’s none of my business. But here it is very much my business.  I will always be with my sweet daughters through all thick and thin.

O Lord! Please be with me🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️. Who else do I need, if YOU are at my side. Lord! my eyes may be moist and teary but my heart is now strong and mind even stronger and ready to face this society of “successful fools” (a phrase read in Swamiji’s blog  named SUCCESSFUL OR SUCCESSFUL FOOL)😊


Jai Shri Hari🌹

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