Winters are here.

And while some of us may like them and some of us may not, we all, amidst chilly winds and foggy skies, snuggle in our sweaters, enjoy hot soups and teas and take refuge in our warm blankets.

How lucky we are to do all of that.

While this may be the reality for a lot of us, there are many among us living a completely different reality.

Their shivers and silent struggles for survival go unseen and unheard.

I am talking about those who live on the treacherous streets of our everyday commutes. The homeless, the beggar, the dog, the cow, the cat.

They never asked for the conditions they live in.

They work really hard just like we do.

The difference is that our hard work makes our lives easier and more comfortable. More convenient. Better. It brings us closer to our dreams.

But theirs…

Only gives them the next day.

The thing is, we have a lot. We are abundant.

And we will feel really good and warm inside if we do something bigger than ourselves and help the silent survivors with whatever little we can.

All they really want is some food, some clothes and some blankets.

Even if it’s one person or one cow or one dog we choose to share our abundance with, it may mean very little to us but it will mean the world to them.

Thank you,
Prakhar Sharma

PS: Forgive me if I sound like I am telling you to do something. I am no one to do that. All I intend is to inspire some good karma 🙂