I’ve always wondered why bears get to hibernate in winters and I don’t. I positively hate winters. God has made me so that I can survive the harsh Indian summers but I guess He forgot to take the 2-3 months of winter season into account. I live in Howrah(remember the famous Howrah bridge, yes it’s the same place,) West Bengal and today’s temperatures are around 17 – 19 °C while the lowest temperature today will be 15°C. A lot of my fellow os.me members might laugh at the prospect of me calling 19°C as winter temperatures and you’re free to do so. But guess what I’m wearing today? A full sleeve t-shirt with a wollen sweatshirt and a jacket on top of it. Full pants with socks and after putting on all this clothing, I find it more comfortable to sit on my bed, slip under the blanket and do my work (which is basically just sitting and studying). But if I dare to get a tad bit too comfy, I’ll invariably end up falling asleep. And winters make me feel sleepy 24×7. Also room heaters are not an option because they give me headaches. 

I have cold hands and feet just like a vampire ( I suppose my brother is right afterall, I am adopted and my real parents were probably vampires) throughout the winter except for the time I’m meditating or sleeping.  Plus my borderline anemia doesn’t really help in all this. And did I mention the fact that I sneeze at least 10 times after waking up in the morning every day during winters. 

But that’s not all, the real nightmare begins at bath time. It’s very difficult to set the shower water at right temperature during winters. It’s either too cold or too hot. Moreover, it takes quite some time for my not so long hair to dry and I almost keep shivering throughout and contemplate on shaving my hair and going bald to save myself from having wet hair in winters . Before you ask, I bathe once in every 5 or 6 days during winters (judge me all you want. LoL.) 

The only bright side of winters are oranges, Christmas and winter special sweetmeats like moa, gaja,chandrapuli, sesame sticks and gajar halwa (most of these are bengali sweets).

Okay, now that I’ve finished establishing how horrible winters are, I would like to end this blog here. Thank you soo much for reading this. See you soon. 🙂

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