I often interact with people who have seen life, it’s ups and downs.

Razdan uncle has retired as an executive director from a renowned multinational corporation.

Yesterday I met him in the Japanese Garden.
He was conversing heartily, cracking jokes with the gardeners.

I went to him, humbly touched his feet.
He looked intently at me for a while. At last he recognized me.

“Oh Sanjay! How are you? How is your mother?” he inquired, hugging me warmly.
“I am good uncle. Mom is also fine.” said I

“Uncle, you have retired as an executive director from a big corporation. It does not behove you to sit among the hoi polloi!” I teased him.

He smilingly said, “Son, an innocent child is without ego.
A lonely, aged person should also be sans ego.

Ego is an illusion that mostly afflicts naive, young people.

Any position or fame can never be a long term companion. The earlier one realizes this, the better.”

After a pause he continued, “But for these people, I would have gone into depression.
These people converse with me, inquire about my well being, also do small chores for me.
My own children are abroad, have no time for their widower father. Yes, they always remind me on phone to make my will at the earliest.”

“Son, in the contemporary times, there is no use leaving behind rich legacy. It would surely become a cause of contention. I have now decided to rectify my mistake.
I would sell all my properties.” he said thoughtfully.

“But what would you do with the money. Where would you stay?”

“Son, I would stay in a small, fully furnished rented apartment. That way I would have the freedom to change cities without any hassles. I would visit new places, become familiar with different cultures.” he remarked, solemnly.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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