Wisdom tidbit: 100% 2

If you’re passionate about something, you’ll face the hurdle of expectations. No, not those from society, but the ones from ourselves. Therefore, setting priorities is imperative.

Here are three typical aspirations:

  • Recreation: If you pursue a passion for yourself, giving your 100% leads you to fulfillment. Of course, worldly success is a hit or a miss here. Hence, non-attachment to this world’s views becomes vital.
  • Recognition: Again, giving your 100% is required. Although, if fame or monetary benefit is your goal, you must put some effort into networking. The solution to achieving popularity is marketing.
  • Reformation: If reform is your purpose, you’ll evoke strong emotions. Yet again, giving your 100% is worthwhile. Nonetheless, a select group will celebrate you, but the rest of this world will loathe you with their might! It takes remarkable internal strength.

Whether it’s one of the above, a combination of the three, or anything else, it’s crucial to have clear objectives. So, set your priorities and give your 100% today.

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P.S: This post was written by Sri Devi Om. It was also published on Sri Devi Om’s website.

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