I have been giving donations(I don’t liked he word but it is the only word humans would identify with . For me when one gives it’s not he/she  who gives it it’s lords wish  that the deserving gets it )to various causes predominately medical causes . I seldomly have shared  big sums . I don’t like drum beating the cause . However one thing always troubles me for which I would seek guidance from the revered one parampujya Om Swamiji or fellow seekers. Whether the amount which I share is put to right use do the deserving get it . Am I falling for a scamster and denying the rightful deserving human . These thoughts often trouble me . But I can’t help sharing the aid for my heart doesn’t permit my head to rule when it comes to sending the aid . I do my bit . May be I am too emotional but then guilt creeps in whether the money has landed in right hands .By gods grace never have I received any need of such misdemeanours. 
But oh revered one my fellow seekers please guide whether I am doing it right in the sense whether the aid through me sent by god is reaching the deserved . Please please help me getting over this dilemma 🙏🙏