Chicken biryani was my favorite food until Pluto (my dog ) came into my life 

I adapted pluto – dog in 2018 and realized animals too have feelings and emotions , every female animal go through reproductive cycle and we are killing them to enhance our taste buds? This is against nature ! 

1st realisation – My realization came into light after adapting a dog. I stopped eating non veg since then 

Bursting crackers was fun to me until Pluto ( my dog) went through panic attack due to crack bursting sounds. 

2nd realization- Animals are prone to sensitive sound and their eardrum will make animals to get into panic state. I stopped burning crackers

Unconditional love – I have experienced unconditional love from mother and next unconditional love that i have experienced is dog . My dog waits for whole day for me , until I come back from office it will wait and the way it welcomes home is best ever experience .

3Rd realization – My dog reminded me that someone is waiting every minute and second for me , voiceless animal demonstrated 365 days same love and care


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