Everyone has at least one wish.car, bike, new phone, promotion, toys, etc. depends upon the person and his profession. 

This all leads to money and hard work, etc. We are all dealing with it as a result of one person’s simple wish.And if the wish doesn’t turn out to be that we are in the peak stage of anger. 

If I say that we should not have wishes, it is impossible for people like us, but it is not a big deal for sages. We have wishes when something in our life gets easier and more comfortable.

Here is a storey:

Once there was a man who was poor and had no wishes, and he also knew that if he had no use, he couldn’t fully fill it. So he goes to the forest to cut trees as it is his job. He sat near a lion rock and kept some food for himself. 

Suddenly, the lion spoke and said, “You are a kind man. Come tomorrow morning.” He comes and the lion opens his mouth and says, “There is gold in my mouth; take it, but after the sun rises, it will shut!” He took a small bag, filled it, and thanked her!

Things will come for us, and you already know it’s better not to wish for anything.

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