Your special day is the perfect opportunity for me to thank you for inspiring and supporting me through this passage of life as wonderfully as you do.

I feel truly blessed to be guided by a phenomenal spiritual Guru . Not only have you changed my life , but you have also changed many others for the better. You have helped so many people and touched so many lives.

You have been such a Godsend to us, a true blessing in our life. I can’t express my gratitude enough for the wonderful impact you’ve had on us and our spiritual journey.

On this auspicious day I wish for your good health to God . 

I wish you the best of birthdays and i know you will continue to inspire people for many more years to come!

PC: @Dipti OM , Thank you Dipti ji for sharing this beautiful picture of Swamiji . It is so nice that i just framed it and kept in my Mandir

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