As the flames engulfed the person lying on the pyre

with the glowing ambers, went all the desires

The Soul could hear the wailing of the loved ones

As it dawned upon it that the strings of attachment were slowly coming undone

The feelings it felt were new and strange

The people surrounding the pyre felt oddly estranged

as the plumes of smoke rose high in the air

nobody could understand the depth of the soul’s despair

I was once just like them it thought to itself

only if I could say to each one of them

 that life will run its course till the very end

 I wish I could turn the tide of time

live life once more as if it was just mine

Not being bogged down by everyone’s expectations

Having a carefree attitude and living with gay abandon

as the smoke started turning into wisps of air

it prayed to God in all earnestness

let me remember you in all the lifetimes to come

 and always have you seated firmly in my consciousness