Dear Swamiji,

The only gift i can think of offering you is the immense gratitude I feel towards you.

I was desperate to find a meaning to my seemingly worthless life. I found answers to questions that plagued me in the beautiful books and blog posts through which you have shared yourself with us. 

I was lost and alone, surrounded by guilt and feelings of worthlessness, but you taught me to love myself, discover myself. My anger, expectations out of others have all came down, and i learned to be contented with myself.

I who didn’t know what mediation was, believe me I couldn’t even sit still for 10 seconds…now I can at least sit still for 10 minutes. It isn’t an achievement worthy of boasting. My mind is still uncontrolled, but at least now I know there is hope if i continue to persist.

I didn’t know what being compassionate meant…but you have taught me how to love and feel for others. Every act of kindness which i am able to do is only by Your Grace. It is nothing but an Act of Your Compassion for the world.

I didn’t know gratitude was, and now that’s the feeling which seems to fill every part of me.

Thank you for this beautiful community, where everyone is like my own brother/sister, and this is one happy family under Your Grace.

Swamiji, with Your Grace I have found a path, which i know is very long. But I have at least found a Path…which will someday bring me to You.



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