Under the blue skies
is a delightful land
of the supreme protector
where days are bathed
in joyful brightness
nights silent
as a lantern in the dark
quiet is the beauty of these nights
that turn into a blissful dawn

At sunrise sweet embers
glow in the heart
burning all unruliness to ashes
when sadness comes
settles like dew
a soft breeze of love
blows it away
and happiness like a flag
waves its tiny hands

O Lord and protector
of the endless skies above
and the demure earth beneath
why your indisputable presence
tugs at the heart
listless is this life
as broken fragments on the ground
without your gentle hand to hold
where shall I place my mind
if not at your kindly feet

O Bhagwan sweet are your ways
sweeter still your name on my lips
where do I kneel
if not by your side
there’s no place on earth
that has untold joys
such tranquility and peace
can only be found
where You my Lord
live and breathe…