I wonder why most of the texts and shastras in our Sanatan Dharma are men-centric. Men have written them but why not any women. I know there are mentions of and works of female saints in the Vedas but its mostly the men whose work is represented in the scriptures.

If women tread on the path of spirituality, they would be doing marvelously yet they have not been on the frontlines over the last many centuries. It is always the men who dominated. Whatever may be the cause, I don’t know whether it was done consciously or, where women are given a second role naturally became part and parcel of the system.

But women have great caliber to both uplift the society and progress on the spiritual aspects of life. Actually, women and men should not be differentiated on the basis of potential or anything. Both can be great and both can follow dharma beautifully in their own way. And women should be given more opportunities to rise in life not only materially but also spiritually.

This notion that only a son can do the last rites, or the holy thread can only be worn by a boy/man and not a woman and other such practices may be one of the reasons why women are not dominant. There must be multiple reasons.

I believe even women can wear the holy thread if they want to and can do all the spiritual practices that men can. I have no spiritual authority to prove my footing. Swamiji’s words are always final. Also on many aspects things are slowly changing now and women are coming up in the front to take lead.

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