I wanted to share my views on Women Empowerment for too long.A big salute to all the persons who helps women to accomplish their goals.

We are all well aware that how women were treated in our ancient times.Women were not even respected.My Grandmother shared that girls were not even sent to schools for basic education.People used to think that only Boys have right to education.

She shared that Girls used to marry in 10 to 12 years of age.What a pity! Today also despite of so much advancement,I witness such incidents.

I would share one incident.There was one girl who married a boy.It was an arrange marriage.The family of the girl was not aware of the evil intentions of the boy and his family.Few days after marriage,a girl was tortured for dowry.The parents of the girl gave them a car so their daughter could stay peacefully.But her husband and mother in law’s greed had no limits.One day,her husband and mother in law burnt her in kitchen.They were arrested of course.But they bribed forensic expert who had to perform post mortem.They stayed for some time in prison and were soon released.This is one story that I have mentioned.There are many more.What was the girl ‘s fault? Did not she deserve justice?How many dreams she would have in her eyes before marriage?

One such incident I heard was in my relatives.A well educated man burnt his wife because she could not conceive.He was not even questioned.

When women raise their voice against violence and all maltreatments,I feel so proud of them.Women have tolerated enough.’Ab aur nhi,ek naari sab pe bhaari’.World is changing.We are receiving so much support.We can change our lives.We have that ignite in us.The world will see the women power.’Ab nhi to kab’.

It’s not about competition with males but every women deserves respect.Males and Females are equivalent.’Respect do to respect milegi’.We women on the path to success,to achieve our goals,to fight for our rights.😊✌️

Thank u

Live,Love, Laugh

Yours Ripandeep ❤️