A beautiful Soul

Having lots of responsibilities in life

Of home and work

Will rule the world by her

Hard work, determination and

Firm Faith in herself and her values

To accomplish her goals

Of becoming a good daughter at first point

Then of a sweet sister and friend

An adorable wife

A loving mother to her children

And a determined and courageous working women

This in whole gives a woman a status of

“Complete women”

A beautiful poem depicting how a woman evolves beautifully in life and fully perform all her responsibilities with love and dedication. I take an opportunity to express deep gratitude and appreciate every women who are working without fail in all spheres of life. Living all shades of life  with dignity and respect and certainly a life remembering and living on this planet. Every women be it serving a family and working, all takes up the responsibility with love and never gives a second thought in sacrificing her own liking for the sake of the loved ones. So much to express the beauty of women and in one word she is a “Blessing” as with this chirping beauty family becomes whole.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

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