Someday, if the Divine grants me a boon, I might even say – Would you please relieve humans of the burden of exercising?

Probably the Divine may reply – It’s a package deal, my friend. If you have a machine, you must maintain it! 

The cribbing aside, the sooner we realize the need for exercising, the better it is for us. Even if we train our minds to escape the cycle of Samsara, we can’t run away from working out our bodies! So, it’s better to put on your Karma Yogi hat and push yourself to exercise.

The Four Pillars of Physical Health

In addition to consuming a healthy and balanced diet, health experts recommend 30 mins of exercise, five days a week. Out of that, we must reserve two days for a strengthening activity.

Also, fitness trainers insist that we should work on the four pillars of physical health – stamina, endurance, flexibility, and strength.

Keeping all of the above in mind, I’ve created a bare-bone workout plan for myself. Let me go ahead and share that with you in this post.

My Workout Plan

a. 10 mins of Surya Namaskar: (Mon-Wed-Fri – Morning): 

The beauty of this full-body workout is that it tackles all four aspects of fitness. When done at a quicker pace, the Surya Namaskar takes care of stamina and flexibility. When done at a super slow pace, it gives us endurance and strength. So, in my humble view, a fitness routine is incomplete without this marvel! 

b. 7 mins of HIIT and 3 mins of Planks: (Tue-Thu-Sat – Morning):

The High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts and the Plank are all about endurance and strength. I use an app called 7 Minute Workout for my HIIT sessions. 

c. 20 mins of Stair Climbing with Weights: (Mon to Sat – Evening): 

This super simple workout burns a ton of calories. All you do is walk up and down a flight of stairs, but you do it continuously without taking a break. Hold a 1-2 pound weight in each hand during stair climbing to exercise your upper body.

In addition to burning calories, stair climbing counts both as an aerobic and anaerobic activity. That makes stair climbing an excellent workout. This online calculator can help you estimate the calories burned during this workout: Stair Climbing Calorie Calculator.

Authenticity of Information

Swami says (paraphrased), “Everyone will have a perspective in this world. To ensure that you’re getting the right information, always verify the authenticity of your source.”

Adhering to Swami’s words, as someone who has written posts on physical health, I feel responsible for sharing this with you:

All the information I’ve shared with you is from research materials of reputed health and fitness organizations. I’ve tried and tested all of these methods. Over the last couple of years, I’ve also seen tremendous improvements in my physical fitness using these.

At this point, due to my menstrual issues, I can do just 5-mins of Stair Climbing. And, I can barely scrape the surfaces of Surya Namaskar, HIIT, and Plank. As I continue to execute my plan with determination, I see positive results every day. If things go as planned, I should be back in shape and ready to take on the world in another six months or so! 

This Time’s Goal

Either follow my exercise plan or create your plan. Whichever route you take, please add the required workout to your schedule.

A Recap of Habits

When we cultivate new habits, we tend to forget the old ones. It’s essential to keep working on the already discussed habits to achieve our fitness goals. So, here’s a recap of what you should be working on:

  1. Drinking Enough Water
  2. Dietary Supplements
  3. Practicing Vajra-Asana
  4. Fiber and Protein for Breakfast 
  5. Healthy Sleep

Also, yet again, I’ve kept the comments closed on this post because many find their exercise goals extremely challenging. Still, if you don’t take this fitness goal seriously, please be ready to face the music in the future.

If you truly love yourself – start working out today!



Image: Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

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