I’m in love

With a sight to behold

Weaving a beautiful world

Of our own

In space of my mind

Where beauty and divine

Merges and flow 

As one, bliss of universe

Travels in soul

Giving it a feeling

Of love and affection

Entwined with purity of hearts

Forever to eternity finding place in heart

Long drawn picture

Of happiness and joy

Fills the core

Gushing flow of peace

Feelings of ease 

Calming aching heart

Walked a difficult path

Before finding it’s ocean of love

Amazing love

For love’s sake

Birds goes extra miles

That’s the truth of nature

For what birds born for

Never to apart

From this moment on

A stillness reposed in the lovers bond

Divine placed its seal

Onto the bond

To flourish and grow

As spring arrival

With a full moon shinning

To give it a romantic vibes

Oh the love finally blossomed

In the soul’s of the century

Flowers start to smile

By blushing and blooming sight

Birds chirp to sing for the lovers

To please the senses

To play drumbeats of love and warmth

Oh finally arrived at the heaven’s door

Home to my love

Where I belong.




Thank you for reading 😊