Peace is a calm and quiet state of mind in which there is no disturbance from war and the public. A peaceful mind is a happy mind.  Every single individual dream of a happy and peaceful world apart from any kind of war. World peace means an ideal state of freedom and peace among all nations.

As we know, in past there are so many wars which disturb the world’s peace very badly. The results of the war were very horrible.  People forget that we have to make the world peaceful because of their feelings of revenge and discrimination. World peace is very important for the development of the countries. Because of world peace, people can interact freely, free to tour, increase globalization. The most important thing is that world peace contributes to the reduction of wars.

World peace is badly affected by political affairs, cultural affairs, religious affairs, the difference of caste, color, creed, and background. No one is taking world peace seriously even no one has any intention of maintaining peace. If we look at any religious ceremonies, we realized that all of them teach peace. When peace will maintain, the world will continue to run smoothly. While war destroys everything, peace builds and strengthens. Without peace, the world will drag into depression and anxiety, which will make the people restless and affect the whole world.

It is the responsibility of every individual to give his best contribution to maintaining peace in the world. There are many ways in which we can maintain peace. It is essential to maintain equality and justice among people to maintain peace.  We must promote the advancement of technology and create awareness among people related to world peace. People should interact freely and should be given equal rights. They should put their differences aside and just start cooperating to maintain World peace.

We all must try our best to maintain peace. Then only the world will become peaceful and happy.


           Author – Palak Bedi

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