Blog- The world’s best doctor is our brain 🧠 in our body 

Our brain faculty controls all the functions of body for survival in this Universe – ie Breathing , ❤️ heart , kidney   liver  , digestive functions,temp.  control,etc. when all body functions are being done by brain 🧠, why it will not heal our body by natural medication 💊. 

As you know that  all  our diseases are developed by our negative emotions, stress and pressure . But You should be competent to know how to control your emotions and stress  by doing meditation 🧘‍♂️ and by doing Yoga 🧘‍♂️.

The best  mantra 🕉 for healing yourself is as under 

“ if you are diseased , repeat in your mind that I am healthy , I am well , my health is improving a lot  . Why God will cruel to me , I am his son. “ The best  medicine endorphins Hormone will generate  which heals  our body and you will be cured . Research had been carried out and success result  had been achieved even in cancer also 

OM Shanti

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