Worrying is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere. English Proverb.


Not even a single person in the world is without worries. Stress, pressure can be felt all around the world some are worried about life, and some are worried about love. Just kidding, well when see the  journey of life all of has different worries in the life period and these can be based on the requirement or the phase of life from which the individual is crossing.

We are the not same and everyone has a panic button which once pressed we go off life a popcorn. Life can’t be smooth always but what makes us go is the zeal of life and the never say die attitude.

Let try to understand the same with a story, have it ever happened to you that accidentally you took a toy of yours to school in your school bag and the flying squad was on its way to check the bags that day itself, and what happens to your heart its sinks. The fear of being scolding and being a fun point for the whole class and what we do we start praying, and in the end we must go ahead and accept that 90 % of the worries that we have never actually come true, and these can be the ones which are bother us the most.

What is the result of the worries?

  • Grey hair
  • Your smile vanishes
  • You lose hair
  • You lose appetite
  • And when you lose your appetite you lose everything.


Thus, we need to focus of what life is and how things would work if we have not worried, taking pressure to perform is good but taking pressure to such an extent that we start having panic tacks is not what is needed, so one step at a time and all will be good.