The most humble form of abuse in hindi and english which in love or irritation we even give to ur kids or best pals is Gadha ,Khotaa or Donkey! Y ,y and y? Haven’t as children we read most stories on stubbornness, stupidity or foolishness of the humble Panchatantra,hitopdesh or Aesops tale but why? Is being extremely hard working even after being dead tired or very old an asset or something to be mocked at? Is being loyal and non reacting to your master even after getting left over and rotten fodder or blows of sticks of master a strength or a weakness? Unlike horse which needs blinders to keep its focus straight ,the Ethiopian national animal already has been naturally gifted this quality! Donkey s milk is said to be a beauty face wash for cleopetra aswell has medicinal properties for heart patients! Its consistency is much close to human mother s milk and is often fed to orphaned babies in Europe! There are donkey Scenturies now in Indian too where we may adopt a Donkey and get its framed potrait aswell what we pay as adoption is used for good foodder ,medicine, vet fee and training charges of our Donkey! A father donkey is called Jack a mother Jennet and the baby a foal ,be artful not to irritate them or u can hear them braying till 3kms or get a hard kick on your butt! So next time if you in anger or irritation want to adress someone as …abbe Gadhe ,think what a sweet animal are u insulting!

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