Most marriages i know are more of a power struggle and suppression and usualy the smart and rude one always prevails on tbe weaker and humble one! When i was getting married my second cousins who had got married 5 years or less before me adviced me not to give any jewellery my parents had given for me to my mother in law or she can use it or pass it to my sister in law, this is how negativity, mistrust and suspicions arises between new families who dont know each others character, nature and personality! What a poor start to a new life, so many friends and relatives have faced such Dillemas! As Swamiji says why marriages have so many teething problems…no one teaches a Mother in law ,Husband or daughter in law how to act and there is no book on code of conducts or a marriage mannual! One of my friends before even going to honey moon had a big rucckus over where her jewelry should be kept as her mother had said keep it with me but inlaws and husband wanted to keep it in there locker.No one wants to give the new bride acess to their locker keys ,may be she is immature or untrustworthy and she feels cheated and not part of the family at such a start of new life If Inlaws r open and modern enough to get a new locker for daughter in law someone among relatives comments look at this girl how cunningly she made a new private financial kitty and her Joru ka gulaam husband at beginning only changed for his parents! In one of the locker chaos cases my Maasi shared it with her mother in law and sister in law and keys were with sister in law ,the things in it were donated to Iscon by sisters in law without any ones permission, knowledge or concent! Has your wife ,sister ,daughter or u yourself faced such a tricky situation? What did u do to keep family peace and not feel exploited or rude? What would you advice your daughtetr when she gets married? Would you allow your daughter in law to access your locker?